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First, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to demonstrate some of the advantages of purchasing your In-Ground Vinyl Pool from The Pool Store, Inc. We specialize in In-Ground Vinyl Pool Construction and Replacement Pool Liners. Our employees are Certified Pool Builders and considered experts in the field and we pride ourselves on our customer service & warranties! In fact, 80% of our new pool sales originate from satisfied customer referrals.

You have many choices when choosing a pool company and we would like to point out a few of the many reasons you’ll be glad you chose us.

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1.) We only install 35-40 in-ground pools a season. Most pool companies aim to sell between 75-150. They hire more crews in an attempt to speed up the installation process and have a difficult time keeping up with all of the warranty and service work. We only build 3-4 pools at a time and will not start new construction until one of them is completed. In our industry, it is not unusual for some pool companies to have as many as 20 pool installations going at once.

2.) At The Pool Store, Inc., all warranty calls take precedence. The quote you’ll hear most often from those who bought a pool from one of our competitors is, ‘They build a nice pool; however, it took a long time and after the installation it was very difficult to get them out for warranty or service work’. As the owner of The Pool Store, Inc., I personally address each warranty concern and see that it is rectified. Because we do not oversell, you will know who the owner is, firsthand. If not for warranty work, maybe to test your pool water or to help you clear up a cloudy pool in time for a backyard barbecue.


3.) Our installers have over 30 years experience. Why is that important? It doesn’t take 30 years to gain the experience required to install an In-Ground Pool; however, with that much experience, you have pretty much run into any and every circumstance that could occur. That is where the years matter. Secondly, the saying that practice makes perfect, well our installers have had plenty of practice!


4.) Every pool comes with the ‘Totally Hayward System’. Hayward is the industry leader when it comes to pool equipment. We do not cut corners on the materials used to build your pool. Your skimmer, main drains and complete filter system are manufactured by Hayward. In addition, we install Hayward Heaters, Automatic Pool Cleaners, Salt Chlorinator Systems, Automated Controls and More! You’ve heard the old adage, ’You get what you pay for’. Why not have the best? For more information about the warranties and advantages of Hayward Products, visit or



5.) We are registered as Home Improvement Contractors with the State of New Jersey. This certification is required by law for every pool company performing any contract work over $ 500.00 for a consumer. The state confirms that those registered are properly insured so that you are protected. Be sure to insist on this verification with whichever company you chose. A complete list is available online by using the following link:


“ My new in-ground pool is one of the best investments I have ever made. The installers were very professional and did a wonderful job. It was truly a pleasure!

Bonnie, Washington Township, N.J

Washington Township 2009

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