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Pool Maintenance

One Time Vacuum Service

Having a party?
Want to come home to a clean pool?
Then this is the service for you!

  1. Vacuum the pool with our equipment.
  2. Backwash the filter.
  3. Skim the pool water surface.
  4. Empty the skimmer basket(s).
  5. Test the ph and chlorine levels.
  6. Add Chlorine & Clarifier as needed.
  7. Bring water sample in for complete testing.



Weekly Maintenance Service
Chemicals Included

Would you like to come home EVERY week
to a clean, sparkling pool?
Would you like to enjoy your days off instead of spending time cleaning the swimming pool?
Then this is the service for you!

  1. Complete Deluxe In-Ground Pool Opening with Cover Removal & Cleaning.
  2. Initial Pool Vacuum with our equipment.
  3. Vacuum pool weekly with our equipment, skim pool water surface & empty skimmer baskets.
  4. Backwash filter & check overall operation of existing pool equipment.
  5. Test pool water & add ph balancing chemicals as needed.
  6. Provide and add chlorine tablets and/or salt & algaecide.
  7. Service Call if needed in season at no charge.
  8. Complete Deluxe In-Ground Pool Closing with Chemicals at close of season.

Ask us about Custom Maintenance Programs

Let us do Green to Clean for you!

Whether you want us to get your pool from green to clean or take care of your pool on a weekly basis, The Pool Store offers it all. Trained, licensed, experienced professionals will take care of your pool, leaving you to enjoy your pool and your summer!


Green to Clean Service

Do you have a regular mesh safety cover?
Do you open to an algae infested pool?
Then this is the service for you!

  1. Add chemicals to destroy algae & bacteria.
  2. Add clarifying chemicals to the pool water.
  3. Hook Up Our Commercial Filter System.
  4. Return the following day to vacuum pool.
  5. Backwash the filter.
  6. Skim the pool water surface.
  7. Empty the skimmer basket(s).
  8. Test the ph and chlorine levels.

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